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Keeping every part of your fleet in plain sight—from roads to remote job sites

In heavy equipment management, not just any GPS-based tracking system will do. The hardware needs to be rugged enough to stand up to all the grime, vibration and weather. You'll want to be able to keep your eye on every asset type, make and model of equipment, and see everything together in real time, in one place. Plus, for visibility in even the most remote areas, satellite-based tracking capability is key.

In short, you need a professional-grade system built for construction and heavy equipment—and that's a solution only Navman Wireless can provide.

Combining our award-winning OnlineAVL2 software platform with our rugged IP67-rated Qtanium devices, our equipment utilization solutions enable reliable monitoring of all types of equipment, including excavators, cranes, trailers, front loaders, containers, buckets, boom trucks, skid steers and more. All so you gain a richly detailed view of your fleet assets—and the insight to help make them more productive, safe and profitable.

Talk with a Product Specialist today to learn details about these and other benefits:

  • See it all, in real time – View total engine hours, total miles traveled and preventive maintenance schedules with color-coded risk indicators. Track performance of assets over their entire life cycle, including job costing, hours worked and more. Know exactly how assets have been used for the last 24 hours and seven previous days.
  • Monitor confidently – Our IP67-rated hardware takes the hardest of beatings without missing a step.
  • Integrate seamlessly – Online AVL2 is compatible with all brands, makes and models—and brings them all into a single view. No more toggling between screens or trying to mentally align the information.
  • Master your equipment utilization – Sensors record when doors are open or closed and lights are on or off, as well as articulated arm activity, temperature and more.
  • Reduce fuel expense – Cut your fleet's fuel use by benchmarking fuel burn by asset for each jobsite, automating data, and generating reports to provide actionable information.

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