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Harness the data to unleash service excellence and boost vehicle/driver productivity

Delivering fresh bouquets. Dispatching a repair crew to keep the lights on. Rescuing a stranded motorist. For many local businesses, success hinges on how well your vehicles perform on the front line. You need a well-synchronized fleet management and tracking solution that helps you deliver for customers at lowest possible cost.

However, you're an expert in your business—not in details of how to optimize your vehicles and drivers.

We'll make it easy to tap into the power of GPS fleet tracking—so that you can focus on what you do best.

Together we'll customize a service plan to deliver the intelligence you need to ensure you provide a responsive service, cut costs and add new capabilities.

With a fleet management and tracking solution from Navman Wireless, you’ll be able to:

  • See all vehicle locations in real time, for faster dispatch and on-the-fly schedule changes.
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use and/or moonlighting.
  • Provide better transparency and customer service.
  • Improve driver safety and performance.
  • Reduce unwanted vehicle downtime.
  • Cut fuel costs and carbon emissions.
  • Monitor temperatures of refrigerated vehicles to meet standards and regulations.
  • Transmit invoices, job tickets, checklists and more between the office and your drivers, to reduce paperwork and save time and trouble.

Award-winning OnlineAVL2 fleet optimization software brings it all together with an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Tiered service plans allow you to pay only for what you need, with the flexibility to easily expand capabilities as your needs grow. And your tracking data can also integrate easily with your internal systems or third-party apps.

J.C. Restoration, Inc. uses a Navman Wireless GPS fleet tracking system to increase employee efficiency and maintain equipment accountability.


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