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Spend less on transporting pupils, so you can put more into educating them

Whether managing a fleet of yellow school buses, a safety escort service at a university, or a campus maintenance fleet, your budget's likely going to be tight—and expectations of cost-efficiency, safety and accountability are high. How can you make the most of your resources while delivering A+ service to your pupils and community?

Navman Wireless vehicle tracking solutions deliver the real-time intelligence you need to optimize your operation, improve safety and reduce transportation expenses. With these critical insights and capabilities, you can:

  • Start claiming Medicaid dollars previously left on the table—potentially turning your cost center into a revenue-generator.
  • Pinpoint vehicle locations across your entire fleet in real time.
  • Monitor, plan and optimize routes to ensure on-time arrivals.
  • Track conformance to route plans, monitoring the full range of driver behavior.
  • Stay on top of preventive maintenance to address issues before problems emerge.
  • Easily log and report the route-activity data that parents, educators and reimbursement authorities require.
  • Manage fuel usage to cut costs and carbon emissions.

Our award-winning OnlineAVL2 software is your portal to all that's possible in bus fleet management, bringing an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet on your PC, tablet or smartphone. For safety and assurance, you can configure the system to alert you with instant warnings of issues or problems. And notably for school districts and private subcontractors, OnlineAVL2 allows easy logging and reporting for Medicare reimbursement.

GWU implements a Navman Wireless bus fleet management system to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of their student 4-Ride safety escort system.


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