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All the intelligence on your vehicles, equipment and yellow iron—all in one place

In today's competitive construction world, securing bids and improving profits can ride on the thinnest of margins. Improving your odds starts with measuring performance across your entire fleet. But to measure, first you've got to see the true picture beginning with precise construction equipment tracking.

With a construction equipment management solution from Navman Wireless, everything snaps into focus. In one application, you can monitor and track the performance of all your on- and off-road equipment—every brand and model—and use that information to shave costs, improve equipment utilization, even safeguard your valuable non-powered assets. Use it to:

  • Monitor costs and activities across asset types and job sites to fine-tune equipment utilization and worker productivity.
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring maintenance needs.
  • Improve efficiency and boost overall profitability.
  • Track equipment fuel use via third-party integrations to pare costs and reduce emissions.
  • Stay connected to your assets with satellite communication tracking options.
  • Prevent unauthorized use via remote Immobilizer feature.

Drawing on data collected and transmitted by tough IP67-rated devices, our award-winning OnlineAVL2 equipment management software delivers an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet on your PC, tablet or smartphone. And for even more capability, its tracking data can also integrate easily with your internal systems or with special applications developed by our integration partners.

Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. verifies billing, reduces asset rental costs and prevents theft with a heavy equipment tracking solution from Navman Wireless.


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