Navman Wireless Expands OnlineAVL 2.0 Advanced Fleet Tracking

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Business-Class Global Imaging Technology Now Provides Mapping, Monitoring And Traffic Update Capabilities for 100,000 Mobile Units On Three Continents

GLENVIEW, IL - January 28, 2009 - Navman Wireless, a global leader in GPS-based fleet tracking and management solutions, today announced it is expanding the presence of Microsoft Virtual Earth as its global mapping and location information platform for its flagship OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking solution. Microsoft Virtual Earth currently supplies the mapping and location information needs of the 100,000 - and growing - Navman Wireless users across the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, making Navman Wireless one of the largest Microsoft Virtual Earth partners in the fleet management and tracking industry.

"Microsoft Virtual Earth is strategically aligned with the needs of enterprise users, which is why we not only adopted Virtual Earth as our primary mapping and location information platform, but also are aggressively promoting it to our customers," said TJ Chung, chief executive officer of Navman Wireless. "Microsoft Virtual Earth adds enhanced mapping and navigation capabilities to OnlineAVL2, including the ability to display satellite imagery and the latest street-level information, establish specific landmarks and customer destinations, optimize driving directions and much more. This relationship allows Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 platform to take advantage of the enormous resources Microsoft is dedicating to the Virtual Earth mapping platform."

"As a Navman Wireless technology partner, Microsoft is pleased that OnlineAVL2 integrates Microsoft technologies for both global imaging as well as in its underlying platform," said Chris Sampson, director of Virtual Earth Sales and Operations. "The integration provides an enhanced experience for Navman Wireless customers, with multiple mapping features to track their vehicles including 3D imagery and point-by-point directions."

Microsoft Virtual Earth is an industry-leading product that provides precise views of the world through bird's eye view and panning, photorealistic 3D capability and other features. Its frequent map updates and end-user customizability provide significant value to OnlineAVL2, one of the industry's most popular fleet tracking applications.

OnlineAVL2 with Microsoft Virtual Earth capability gives the operator accurate positioning of vehicles according to their GPS locations and a much clearer picture of their locations in relation to surrounding roads and structures. Users can zoom in on vehicles displayed on photographic images, using pop-up boxes, while viewing their locations within a broader geographical area via a traditional vector map in the corner of the same screen.

"The current economy demands that companies maximize the efficiency of their mobile workforce," said Renaat ver Eecke, VP and GM, North America Wireless Business. "Microsoft Virtual Earth, as a powerful enhanced capability for OnlineAVL2, allows dispatchers and supervisors to better manage routes, vehicles and field personnel."

Navman Wireless estimates that nearly 20% of its total installed base of OnlineAVL2 users have already added Microsoft Virtual Earth, with the number of users increasing. The company also expects to expand its availability of Microsoft Virtual Earth to other world regions in the near future.

To learn more about OnlineAVL2, visit the OnlineAVL2 page; additional information about Microsoft Virtual Earth technology can be found at

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Based in Glenview, Ill. Navman Wireless is a global leader in real-time vehicle tracking solutions and OEM GPS solutions. The company's product, led by its Qube satellite tracking device and OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking software, gives users full visibility and control over their vehicles and mobile workforces. With systems installed in more than 100,000 vehicles owned by over 7,000 customers worldwide, Navman Wireless maintains facilities in Foothill Ranch and Pleasanton, Calif.; Keele, England; Singapore; Auckland, New Zealand; and Sydney, Australia.

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