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In fleet management tracking, one size never fits all. You need choices, options and the freedom to only pay for what you need. That's why whether you want it all or only a limited range of services, Navman Wireless makes it easy to bring the power of GPS fleet management to your operation.

Navman Wireless tailors fleet management solutions for thousands of businesses in every field—from mining operations in Australia to floral deliveries in San Francisco, and anywhere in between. Like them, your needs are unique, and you may or may not need everything that our solution offers. So we make it easy for you to get just the GPS fleet monitoring features you need to deliver the strongest ROI, without the cost of paying for those you don’t.

Wherever your fleet operations are based, they must comply with the federal and state emissions regulations applicable to their routes.  In California for example, companies can be charged for exceeding state emissions guidelines. Unnecessary idling, excessive speeding, and circuitous routing, can all contribute to excessive emissions for a fleet and incur costly fines. Consequently, these inefficiencies diminish the cost-effectiveness of its operations.

By incorporating GPS data into your fleet management tracking program, managers can correctly (and continuously) pinpoint areas for improvement, effectively convey them across the enterprise, use them to update their enterprise’s best practices, and generate substantial cost-savings.

Get started—take a look at our OnlineAVL2 GPS fleet management software packages by clicking below. Then contact a Specialist at 1 (877) 891-5009 for more details and a quote on the plan that will best deliver on your needs.

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