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Heavy Construction Equipment Tracking Solutions

Sharpen your competitive edge with construction telematics from Navman Wireless

In today's ultra-competitive construction world, securing a bid, improving profits — even keeping the company afloat — depends on the thinnest of margins.

With a construction equipment tracking system, you can be sure that each piece of construction equipment on every job site is working as hard as you are. Choose a construction equipment tracking solution from Navman Wireless and get the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to analyze the operations of your entire organization. With this critical data, you can:

  • Fine-tune construction equipment and worker productivity
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring maintenance needs
  • Boost overall profitability

Monitor Both On- and Off-Highway Equipment

Navman Wireless gives you the data to analyze the operation of all your equipment to ensure you are getting the most out of your assets. Whether they’re on-highway, off-highway, or non-powered assets, Navman Wireless can enable you to monitor all of them in real time to help you control costs.

With Navman Wireless equipment tracking, you will be able to monitor all kinds of heavy equipment, including excavators, cranes, front loaders, boom trucks, and skid steers. The data you get from the GPS tracking system will help you understand and extend the use of your equipment, as well as increasing your efficiency.

Our equipment tracking system:

  • Display information for individual pieces of equipment, including total engine hours, total miles traveled and preventative maintenance schedule with color-coded risk indicator.
  • Review overall performance of assets over their entire life cycle, including job costing, hour’s worked, maintenance required, and more.
  • Receive real-time activity-based data, such as whether doors are open or closed, lights are on or off, as well as articulated arm activity, temperature, and more.
  • Get a list of hours the asset has been in use for the last seven days and a full look at the activity performed by an asset in a 24-hour period.
  • Note where and for how long idling occurs so you can tweak routes for greater efficiency.
  • Make informed rent versus buying decisions.
  • Monitor fuel consumption and perform remote mechanical diagnostics to maximize output.
  • Record when drivers arrive and depart defined customer locations.

We give you an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet, allowing you to track and manage on- and off-highway assets with a single application in real time. Additionally, all of our equipment tracking hardware is IP67 rated and rugged enough to withstand the most extreme environments. For more information about Qtanium please download the spec sheet.

Find out how equipment tracking can make an impact on your bottomline. Set up your free demo today by calling (877) 891-5009.


Learn more about how our vehicle and equipment tracking solutions can help your business.

Improve profitability using fleet tracking solutions by Navman WirelessImprove Profitability

Decrease costs and increase revenue

Attract and retain customers with our best-in-class fleet tracking systemsAttract and Retain Customers

Get them and keep them

Equipment Tracking Systems by Navman WirelessEquipment Tracking

Not just for vehicles

Construction Equipment Tracking by Navman Wireless   Fuel Savings

    Get control of soaring fuel costs

Construction Telematics by Navman Wireless  Improved Maintenance

   Keep your entire fleet running

Fleet Tracking Systems reduces payroll Case study by Navman Wireless   Payroll Reduction

    Cut payroll costs without cutting

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